• Propane delivery for Residential and Commercial clients.
  • Servicing the Roaring Fork Valley
  • New Underground Tanks sold and installed
  • New above ground tanks sold and installed
  • Satellite monitored systems available
  • 100 pound cylinders and 500 gallon tanks available for construction sites
We Deliver in the Roaring Fork Valley Fillup Your Propane Tank at your Hometown Basalt 66
We have smaller tanks for your propane needs We have large tanks for your propane nees

Propane Services Inc. is an honest locally run company and we do not require contracts. Propane services Inc in Aspen and Snowmass Colorado requires no surcharges or hidden prices. We usually have the lowest propane prices for Aspen and Snowmass Colorado, better then local competition. Propane services takes Visa, MasterCard, Checks and sometimes cash.